Fun Outdoor Party Games for Kids

Outdoor parties are a great way to celebrate the arrival of warm weather. Chances are, you spent much of the winter cooped up inside and your kids have a ton of excess energy to burn off. Take advantage of the nice weather and let them play outdoors during your next event with these fun outdoor party games for kids.

Musical Chairs

Where in the World?

Cut out sections of a map and have the kids try to guess where in the world they belong. Locate clues about famous sites around your house and have the kids guess the location. Show postcards or posters from foreign lands and let the kids identify the places.

Musical Airplane Seats

Set up enough chairs for all but one guest. Play music and have the kids walk around the chairs. When you stop the music, the kids scramble for a chair. Whoever does not find a seat is out. Remove one chair and play again. Continue playing until only one player remains.

Animal Bingo

Draw one extra-large bingo card on tagboard. Draw a grid of squares, and fill each square with the name or picture of an animal. Copy the bingo card onto sturdy paper, enough for all guests. On individually cut-up squares, write or draw the same animals. Hand out the Animal Bingo squares, call out the animals as you pick them from the card pile, and have the kids set dog biscuits or cat treats onto the matching bingo squares. The first player to get five in a row across, down, or horizontally wins a pet toy.

Painted Snail Race

Ask the kids to “borrow” some snails from the yard. Give the kids poster paints and tiny brushes and have them decorate the snails’ shells. Then line up the snails and set them free to race. The snail that crosses the finish line first wins a prize for its temporary owner. When the race is finished, return the snails to the yard.

Litter Race

Divide the kids into teams and give each team a paper bag. Give the kids a ten-minute time limit to collect as much litter in the neighborhood as they can. When all the kids come back, weigh the litter they have brought, and award the winner a prize.


Play a game of charades acting out only movie titles. Get popular-movie scripts from your local library or the Internet. Pull out excerpts, and have the kids take turns reading the lines. Make your guests try to name the film and the actor or actress who had originally said them. You can also make your kids act out favorite film scenes in a silent manner. See if the other guests can recognize the scenes.

These fun outdoor party games for kids are sure to keep the party going full-swing until it’s time to send everyone home. The goal is to get some fresh air, get moving, and have fun. As long as you accomplish that, you can declare your party a hit.

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  1. great ideas! My kids would really enjoy these.

  2. We have outdoor parties for our kids’ birthdays each year. Since they are both July babies, we always have innovative events with lots of games and fun. I have to add these to our list for this year. Thanks!
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  3. what a cute spin on musical chairs, my boys would love this! great ideas!

  4. I remember looking for something like this last month. These are very fun and helpful for the party plans.
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  5. What a fun list of game ideas! I look forward to getting my kids out of the house with warmer weather and park playdates are a favorite. I will have to use a few of these next time. Thanks!