New Reusable Snack Bags from Yummi Pouch

Complimentary samples were received for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.

You probably know by now that we here at Game on Mom are always excited about finding ways to reduce our consumption and footprint on our beautiful planet, and we have another one to share with you today!

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Yummi Pouches are some of the coolest (and cutest) reuseable bags around, and they’ve been getting a lot of use around our house this summer.

The new Yummi Pouch bags are made of BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free, and lead-free nylon and come in a variety of sizes and styles, including a snack size bag, a sandwich bag, and a storage bag.

New Yummi Pouch Snack Bags

The Cloth Snack Bag is perfect for things like trail mix, snack crackers, or cereal.  It’s lined with a water resistant interior and decorated with a variety of fun, colorful prints.  I love that it has a zipper opening – sometimes zip-seal plastic bags can be tricky for little fingers, and the zipper on this bag makes things so much easier!

The Cloth Sandwich Bag is made especially to fit square sandwiches.  The size is perfect, and again, the zipper closure makes it easy for kids to open and close.  You may be wondering how exactly a cloth bag would work with sometimes-messy sandwiches, and I was skeptical about this before I tried them.  I can officially report that my worries were unfounded!  Like all other Yummi Pouches, this sandwich bag is lined with a water resistant interior, so any sunbutter-and-jelly remnants will wash right off with no trouble at all, and won’t stain the bag or leave sticky spots.

Yummi Pouch Sandwich Bag

Finally, the Everything Storage Bag is perfect for, well, everything!  You can use this bag for anything you want, wet or dry, but I like to take advantage of the waterproof liner.  We’ve been using this as a wet bag this summer for the kids’ wet swimsuits at camp, and it’s been perfect: no more wet backpacks or dripping all over the car! It’s also a great bag to pack things that could potentially spill in your bag or suitcase.  You don’t have to worry about your shampoo bottle leaking on your cute new shoes anymore!  And of course, these bags are great for holding small toys and books to keep the kiddos occupied on road trips.

Yummi Pouch Storage Bag

The best part about these bags is that they’re super easy to wash.  The waterproof lining makes hand-cleaning a breeze, but you can also toss these into the dishwasher or washing machine for a simple and easy clean.

Yummi Pouch Dishwasher-Safe Snack Bags

Yummi Pouch also makes reusable food pouches, which we love and have reviewed in the past.  Both the regular Yummi Pouches and their new assortment of bags make it easy to take healthy foods on-the-go, whether it’s to camp or school or on a fun road trip!  Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest Yummi Pouch news and special offers.

National Zoo Keeper Week Children’s Books Giveaway!

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.

When I was a kid, I loved going to the zoo, and I bet you did too.  I couldn’t wait to watch the penguins waddle around, see the giraffes munching on some greens, and my favorite, take a ride on an elephant.  (I don’t know if they still do that, but they did when I was little!)

Like most kids, when I went to the zoo, I only thought about the animals and all the fun I would have with them.  I didn’t think about all the hard work that goes into keeping up a zoo and keeping the animals healthy and happy.  Did you?  Do your kids?

If you’d like some fun activities to teach your kids about the fascinating world of zookeepers and the animals they serve, you have to check these out!

National Zoo Keeper Week Giveaway


The Zoo is Closed Today! is a book written by Evelyn Beilenson and illustrated by Anne Kennedy.  The whole family loves this gem!  It’s about two children who arrive at the zoo to find it closed.  All the animals are having bad days, from toothaches to sore throats, and poor Pete the Zookeeper has his hands full taking care of them.  The next day, the kids go back to find an even bigger surprise, but I won’t spoil it!  Both of my children love this book, and my son has requested it for his bedtime story every night since we got it.


The Zoo is Closed Today


At the Zoo Scratch & Sketch (An Art Activity Book for Animal Lovers and Artists of All Ages) (Trace-Along Scratch and Sketch) is a fun Trace-Along art activity book by Lee Nemmers, illustrated by Martha Day Zschock.  Your kids can use the wooden drawing tool to trace the white outlines of their favorite animals on black-coated scratch art pages.  They’ll see lions, tigers, bears, seals, and more come alive in swirls of colors and glittery foil.  Both of my kids were super excited about the glittery pages.  They love it so much, they’ve actually been fighting over it, so it’s obviously very fun for both of them!


At the Zoo Activity Book


If you’re looking for some fun zoo-related activities, these books are for you.  And if you’re planning a trip to the zoo, both of these books would be an awesome choice for a fun educational experience:  read them and do the activities together before you go, and then discuss what they’ve read once you’re at the zoo!

July 20th – 26th is National Zoo Keeper Week, and to celebrate Peter Pauper Press is offering Game On Mom readers a chance to win one copy of The Zoo is Closed Today and one copy of At The Zoo Scratch & Skecth:  An Art Activity Book for Animal Lovers (ARV $32)!  Giveaway is open to US residents who are 18 and older.  Ends 8/2/14.  Good luck! [Read more...]

Let’s Win the zulily Freckles+Kitty Clothing Contest!

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Have you seen the colorful outfits from Freckles+Kitty, the delightfully sweet clothing company out of California?  Today through Saturday (7/17 – 7/19), zulily is running a contest where we can BOTH win three dresses for our little ones from Freckles+Kitty!


Just post in the comments section below which Freckles+Kitty item is your favorite, and if my blog is selected, I’ll choose someone from all the commenters to win something lovely for the little lady of their choosing!

Don’t know much about Freckles+Kitty?  Freckles+Kitty is California-made toddler and girls clothing inspired by what’s popular now.  The best part is that zulily has select Freckles+Kitty styles up to 65% off!  You’ll find brilliant colors and trending details such as floral appliqués, printed lace, hoodies, sets, and, of course, ruffles.  Lots of ruffles!  They use soft fabric blends to give your little girl exceptional comfort with a sense of style and fun.  These fabrics are always easy-care and washable.  Each Freckles+Kitty garment reflects the California spirit, and it’s these details that make each piece playfully individual.

Check out Freckles + Kitty on sale at zulily!


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Doctor on Demand


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#DixieQuicktakes: Food Storage Containers that Solve the Lost Lid Problem

This post is brought to you by Dixie Quicktakes.

A few weeks ago, I was attempting to package up some dinner leftovers to send with my husband to work for lunch the next day.  I opened the cabinet where I keep my food storage containers, and I couldn’t find any that were close to the size I needed.  I literally stood there with a confused look on my face as I scratched my head.  I had some.  At some point, I had many.  Where were they?

My husband refuses to accept any guilt in this matter, but I know he lost them.  Left them.  Ate them?  I don’t really know where they are now, but he’s the only one I give them to, and most of them have disappeared.  What I find the most puzzling is how the number of container bottoms I currently have does not match the number of lids I have.  (I wonder if the lid-stealing monster and the sock-stealing monster go out for a beer together after work on Fridays.)  Whatever the reason for the mystery of the disappearing storage container parts, it was clear I needed a new solution, so the timing could not have been better when I was offered an opportunity to try out the new Dixie Quicktakes.

Dixie Quicktakes

Quicktakes are affordable, microwavable food containers that are disposable but also dishwasher-safe, so you can reuse them if you wish.  When you do decide to throw them away, they’re recyclable so you don’t have to worry about feeling wasteful.  They’re also BPA-free, which is a chemical I’m glad to be rid of.

My favorite Dixie Quicktakes feature:  the lids are attached.  This saves me from wasting time searching for the right lid, which I don’t always find, and it eliminates the frustration associated with it.  Take that, evil lid-stealing monster!


Now I send my husband to work with his lunch in a 24 oz. Dixie Quicktakes container, and if he comes home without it, I can deal.  I won’t lie, sometimes he forgets to rinse his container, and when he brings it home, it’s kind of stinky and gross.  On those days, I’m extra okay with him losing the container.  From now on, I might actually request he do that intentionally.

Quicktakes Lunch

The 24 oz. container is the just right for a lunch-sized portion!

Dixie Quicktakes for SnacksI also love Quicktakes for carrying around snacks for the kids.  My children munch on fruit all day long, so going anywhere without a supply for two is not an option.  When you’re exploring the world with kids, things get lost or a lot more dirty than I ever want to deal with, so these work out really well in these situations.  If they accidentally get left somewhere or they become covered in some unrecognizable playground funk, it’s no big deal.  They’re disposable!

Broken Crayon StorageOh, and my daughter likes Quicktakes too!  If you’ve got kids, then you’ve got crayons.  If you’ve got crayons, you’ve got crayon pieces.  Crayons are breakable, and kids excel at breaking things; that’s just the way it is.  The little pieces make me kind of crazy, so I’ve been known to toss them in the trash when no one is looking.  My daughter, however, likes to keep them, and we’ve found that her broken crayon collection fits perfectly in the 8 oz. Quicktakes container.  Now she has her own little storage container for those tiny crayon pieces that she cherishes, and she can carry it around with her or store it someplace Mommy can’t see it.

They’re a good value per container, especially considering that you have the option of reusing them.  I plan to reuse mine as often as possible, but it’s so nice to not stress over the cost if one goes missing or if I give them to guests to take home leftovers in after a food-filled event.  And they have so many uses!  They’re just right for on-the-go lunches and snacks, but they can store almost anything from office supplies to arts & crafts.  Because they’re made of clear plastic, it’s easy to see what’s stored inside.  So convenient!

You can buy Quicktakes on Amazon in a 25-count box that includes 24 oz. and 8 oz. containers.  Check out the Amazon reviews to see what other Quicktakes users have to say.  Right now, you can save 25% on Dixie Quicktakes, but this is a limited offer, so grab some now while they’re an even better value!

Thank you to Dixie for providing complimentary Quicktakes for review.  All opinions contained in this post are 100% my own.