Clearer, Healthier Skin from Exposed Skin Care + Win their Expanded Kit!

End of Summer Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the End of Summer Giveaway Hop, hosted by LeahSay’s Views and Planet Weidknecht!  It’s sad to see the summer coming to an end, but learning about some great products and having lots of chances to win them should cheer you up!  Each participating blog will have a prize with a minimum retail value of $25, so after you’re done here, make sure you follow the linky at the bottom of the post to hop to the other blogs.

I’d like to talk about something that is completely unfair and utterly frustrating:  acne.  Most of us go to war with acne as teenagers.  It’s unfortunate and embarrassing, but it’s something of a rite of passage we all face, and it (usually) gets better.  But when it doesn’t?  That’s when you get my arch nemesis:  adult acne.

Exposed Skin Care Logo

I expected to be dealing with new wrinkles and aging issues in my 30s.  I did not expect to be dealing with pimples and pore issues, and I’m pretty unhappy about it.  I’ve tried a lot of skincare products over the years, and I’m always happy to try new ones.  I was particularly excited to receive a complimentary kit from a new-to-me product line from Exposed Skincare, because it features something special: the combination of science and nature.

Exposed Skincare has the ingredients you may have come to expect from acne products:  dermatologist-recommended ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.  What sets this line apart is the fact it uses a holistic approach to traditional acne treatment. In addition to the ingredients above, Exposed Skincare also uses purified water and a soothing moisture complex infused with calming tea extracts to provide antibacterial properties and soothe inflamed skin cells.  Talk about spa quality!

Exposed Skin Care Explanded Kit

I have been using the 6-Piece Expanded Kit, which features the Exposed Facial Cleanser, Derm-X Cloth, Clearing Tonic, Daytime Acne Serum, Nighttime Acne Serum, and Moisturizing Complex.  All these products work together to cleanse your pores, clear blemishes, and reduce inflammation.

Exposed Skin Care Cleanser and Tonic

It all starts with the Facial Cleanser, which gets rid of oil and dirt and kills bacteria but does not contain any nasty sulfates.  Use this with the Derm-X Cloth for exfoliating those dead skin cells.  The Clearing Tonic helps control blackheads and whiteheads and preps your skin for serums.  Just a note on the tonic:  the directions say to apply with your bare hands, but the consistency is very thin, so you need to be careful and work fast or you could end up making a mess with it and/or using up more product than you need.

Exposed Skin Care Serums and Moisture Complex

The Acne Treatment Serum contains advanced acne-fighting ingredients to prevent new acne blemishes and whiteheads during the day while the Clear Pore Serum controls acne and rebalances your skin while you sleep.  The Moisture Complex calms and protects your skin both day and night.

I’m really satisfied with this treatment program.  The fact that it doesn’t contain sulfates or parabens is a huge benefit to me, and it’s also just been working really well.  I’ve definitely noticed that my skin is getting clearer!  Over the past month I’ve also noticed that my large pores have gotten smaller, which is a major plus.  Not only does my skin look healthier and less irritated, but my makeup looks better too.  When your skins looks this good, however, you don’t need as much makeup!

To learn more about Exposed Skincare’s unique approach to acne treatment, check out and find a kit that’s perfect for you!  You can also purchase their products separately, but the kits are an awesome deal.

Speaking of awesome deals, Exposed is offering you a chance to win the Exposed Skin Care Expanded Kit (ARV $59.95)!  Open to US residents who are 18 and older.  Ends 9/15/15.  Good luck!

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Prep for Pre-K & Kindergarten with New Toys from LeapFrog! + Giveaway

LeapFrog provided complimentary learning toys for review. All opinions are 100% my own.leapfrog

Having three young children, LeapFrog is no stranger in our household. My children and I have always enjoyed learning with LeapFrog. We were very excited to receive two toys from LeapFrog, the Word Whammer & The Number Lovin’ Oven.

LeapFrog Word Whammer

We opened the Word Whammer first. My son is four years old and I have NEVER seen him so enthusiastic about learning his letters. The Word Whammer uses an action-packed carnival theme to encourage the children to play games to earn tickets. It has three different games that help with uppercase and lowercase letter recognition, letter sounds and word building.  My son was so proud of himself when he earned tickets and prizes, he was grinning ear to ear and telling his every move. He caused such a commotion, his older sister ran over to plead for her turn to play. She is entering the first grade and really enjoyed the word building game. The Word Whammer is a great kindergarten prep toy and I found that it really worked well as a summer review for my older daughter. We recently took a six hour road trip and they shared the Word Whammer in the backseat on the way to our destination and back home. They were so positive about about learning and had so much fun–it did not feel like learning at all! The Word Whammer is a great educational toy and makes for a lot of fun on the go!

Word Whammer by LeapFrog

Next, we took out the Number Lovin’ Oven. Who could not love this toy? I loved it from the minute I looked at the box and saw the adorable oven with the 16 fun ingredients included! Those items include 4 pizza slices that snap together, 3 slices of bread that snap together, 2 cupcakes, 1 fried egg, 2 plates, 1 skillet, 1 spatula and 1 baking tray. Best of all, it is easy to travel with and clean up. All of the accessories can be stored neatly inside the actual oven itself. As a busy mom who finds it difficult to not lose pieces, this was a huge plus for me.

LeapFrog Number Lovin' Oven

Once we took the oven out of the box, my three year old assumed this oven was a belated birthday gift just for her! The oven itself sings and says over 30 phrases that encourage children to sing along and count with them. LeapFrog really did a wonderful job creating a toy that helps build vocabulary and introduce math skills all-in-one. You can count while baking bread or frying an egg on the sizzling, singing stove top. The two cupcakes were my daughters favorite to cook, count and share. The Number Lovin’ Oven helps children experience mathematical relationships, such as parts of a whole when baking a pizza and dividing up items equally when slicing the bread into three equal parts. The Number Lovin’ oven will give the little chef in your life a taste for math at an early age!

Number Lovin' Oven

Overall, I really impressed with both of these learning toys from LeapFrog and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to review them.  Visit to learn more about their fun and education toys, and make sure to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!

Leapfrog it giving you a chance to win a Number Lovin’ Oven to help your child “get skills cooking”!  Giveaway is open to residents of the US who are 18 and older.  Ends 9/7/15.  Good luck!

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Nick Jr.’s New Series “Shimmer and Shine” Debuts Aug. 24th!

Shimmer and Shine Carpet Ride

Next week, Nick and Nick Jr. will premier a brand new show for all of your fantasy-loving preschoolers.  Shimmer and Shine is about twin genies-in-training who grant wishes for their good friend Leah.  As you can imagine, this leads to lots of surprising mishaps and fun adventures!

Shimmer and Shine Leah

Shimmer and Shine features a social-emotional curriculum highlighting the importance of teamwork, resilience, and overcoming obstacles.  Leah always has a dilemma that she needs her magical friends’ assistance with, and the genies-in-training are happy to grant her a maximum of three wishes a day to help her out.  Sometimes they misinterpret what Leah wishes for and accidentally grant her wishes she didn’t even mean to make.  Each wrong wish quickly compounds into a crazy adventure.  Ultimately, through teamwork, the genies and Leah find a way to fix the problem.

“Shimmer and Shine is a mix of so many things I love–from the bright bold colors, the fun pop songs, to all the glitter,” said Farnaz Esnaashari-Charmatz, creator of Shimmer and Shine and post-production supervisor for Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go.  “I remember watching I Dream of Genie as a little girl and wanting the ability to do MAGIC! Now, as a mom, what I really want is to create something special that will stay with my kids and future generations forever–the same way all the things that I grew up with have stayed with me.”


Shimmer and Shine Art Marketplace
There’s music, there’s magic, and there’s glitter!  How can you go wrong?  My daughter and some of her little friends watched the first two episodes of Shimmer and Shine, and they were glued to the screen.  There’s a lot of humor and energy in this show, and your own little ones are sure to enjoy sharing in Shimmer and Shine’s crazy adventures too.  Even my son likes it–especially that cuddly little tiger!  Catch the premiere on Nick and Nick Jr. on Monday, August 24th at 7:30 PM (ET/PT).  After the premiere, you can find Shimmer and Shine on Nick Jr., Monday through Friday at 10 AM.

Can’t wait that long?  View the Shimmer and Shine trailer.

Still not enough?  Watch the full-length episode “Genie Treehouse”.

“Boom Zahramay, Shimmer and Shine is on the way!”


Gift Giving Made Easy at Best Buy

I know you’re familiar with gift registries.  For every wedding or baby shower invitation you’ve received, there are probably two or three registry sites listed.  It makes gifting so easy:  they provide a wish list, and you know you’re getting something they really want or need.  If only people did wish lists for their birthdays, right?  Well, now they can.

Did you know that Best Buy has a Gift Center?  They do, and it’s super easy for anyone to create a wish list!  Not only that, the Gift Center can help you find the perfect gift for anyone, even if they don’t have a list of wants or needs.

Best Buy Gift Ideas


No matter whose event is coming up, Best Buy can help you find the right gift.  Their Gift Center conveniently organizes gift ideas by occasion, like Birthday, House Warming, Anniversary, and New Baby.  The Birthday category is awesome, because you can browse by recipient:  Her, Him, Kids, and Teens.  It couldn’t be easier to zero-in on the perfect gift!

Once you start browsing, you can also narrow down your options by budget:  Gifts under $25, $25-49.99, $50-99.99, $100-249.99, and gifts over $250.  You can also find a selection of Top Tech Gifts to help inspire the right choice for those technology-loving friends and family.

To further tailor your gifting, you can encourage your recipients to set up their own birthday wish list.  They will have fun creating the list, they will receive something they really want, and your gifting experience will be streamlined and easy!  Wish Lists can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or email, but you can also search for a list on the Best Buy website, mobile app, or at the gifting kiosk in stores.

You can also use the Wish List as an organizational tool.  Rather than creating a registry to share with others, you can create your own private list to keep track of all the gift ideas you find for others.  It’s like a really detailed notepad!  I really love finding alternate uses for things, so I think this is a great way to make your gift lists even better.

Best Buy also knows that sometimes the best option is a gift card, and they have you covered for that, too.  Just follow the Gift Card link to buy a card in amounts of $15 up to $200, and Best Buy will either ship the card to your recipient, or choose an E-Gift Card that will be delivered instantly to their email.

To start shopping for gifts, pop over to Best Buy’s Gift Center, and to create or manage a list, follow this link to the Wish List center!


Move Beyond Basic Building Blocks with Brackitz + Giveaway!

Brackitz provided a complimentary set for review. All opinions are 100% my own.


As a mom of young kids and a preschool teacher I am always looking for new exciting toys that encourage social skills as well as developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. From the minute I opened the box, I knew this toy would be a winner in my house with everyone. The box even states that it is for ages 3-103! Brackitz are wooden planks that connect to durable plastic connectors in the colors blue, orange, red, and yellow.

Building with Brackitz

When I first took the toys out, my children could not wait to play with them! They literally dropped what they had in their hands to come check out what was in the box! All three of them grabbed a few pieces and began to build. My oldest daughter, who is six and a half, decided to use her Brackitz to make actual structures. First, she made a house followed by a playground. I loved that this particular toy encouraged her to use her imagination and be creative without the use of any electronics! Next, I watched as my four year old son played with the Brackitz.  At first, he had some difficulty figuring out how to connect the planks to the connectors, but after a few tries he became a “pro”. He created a “flying rocket ship” and began zooming it around our house! Not to be left out, my youngest daughter, who just turned three, got her hands on the Brackitz. She created a beautiful garden of flowers out of her Brackitz!

Brackitz Flower Garden

Overall, this is a great toy that really is fun for all ages. No really, I couldn’t help but try it myself!  My children had a great time playing with this toy and the possibilities are endless, all you need is an open area to play and a little imagination.  Brackitz is available in 50, 100, or 200 piece sets.  Oh, and guess what else:  they’re made in the USA!  Shipping is free too!  To learn more, head over to  You can also connect with Brackitz on Facebook and Twitter.

And Brackitz is generously offering Game On Mom readers the chance to win their 50-Piece Creator Set! Open to US residents who are 18 and older.  Ends 8/27/15.  Good luck!

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