Future-Proofing A Charlie Brown Christmas + a Giveaway!

I am a Peanuts Ambassador, and any opinions expressed are 100% my own and entirely a result of my great love for Charlie Brown and all of his friends.

I know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting the next post in our A Charlie Brown Christmas series, and here it is.  Sorry I kept you waiting so long!  The Peanuts are worth waiting for though, don’t you think?

So far, we’ve learned a little about the Schulz family, the voices behind the characters, and the Peanuts music.  This month we have an interview with Ron Smith, who is bringing us some fascinating insights into the cutting-edge 4K technology that is making our favorite holiday TV classic looking bright and shiny.  Ron has worked on the Peanuts specials in three different jobs: first at CBS, which was airing the Peanuts series at the time; then at Paramount, which was distributing the show at the time; and now at Technicolor, where he and his team work to restore and update the original films.

What does 4K really mean to your favorite Peanuts specials?  The picture quality will be better than you’ve ever seen it on any television screen with a richer image that is closer to the original film than any previous digital version of the special.  Peanuts is at the forefront of this technology, which “future-proofs”A Charlie Brown Christmas and the other Peanuts specials for the day when ultra-high-definition TVs are the standard in every household.  The soundtrack has also been cleaned and restored, so it will sound fabulous on your home theaters.


Ron Smith Technicolor

From the viewer’s point of view, what’s the first thing we’ll notice now that the special is in 4K?

That it actually fits on your widescreen television! The picture is now designed for that screen. All the other presentations are designed for the old 4×3 screens.

You’ll also notice the soundtrack and music have been upgraded for modern viewing: it’s in stereo surround 5.1 We’re lucky that the original negative exists for these shows, and all the original soundtracks and magnetic tracks. We were able to go in, separate those tracks, and clean them up, along with the sound effects. You’ll get that nice stereo music in your surround speakers. So the special not only looks better, but sounds more current, too.

Is there any scene in particular where we’ll notice the difference?

When I watch one of the shows at home, everything looks kind of small. Particularly any of the group scenes, the skating in the beginning, the rehearsal scenes for the Christmas play, they all look kind of distant. Now you’ll be able to see it much more clearly.

Where do you start when you’re doing this work? 

Like any good project, you have to start with research. There’s a lot of information to be had out there. I was amazed to find how many websites there are devoted to the show. I found everything from show listings, descriptions, and some downright fanatical—meaning, created by big fans—analyses of each episode.

Some of it was just cataloguing all the shows. Of the 80 or 90 shows that have been done, 55 of the titles contain “Charlie Brown,” and 14 of them start with the word “It’s.” When you’re working on 10 or 20 at the same time—and when the first two you’re working on are Christmas shows—it gets really confusing! So we knew we were going to have to be really careful with the elements.

We have the original film elements on A Charlie Brown Christmas. Since this is priceless and irreplaceable art, we do a film inspection to see if it needs to be repaired. There may be cement splices in it, and when the show is 50 years old, those splices can come loose and appear a little bit jagged. So we make sure the show is completely repaired. We check for any obvious wear and tear, and make sure that the film will hold up going through a scanner. That’s how we digitize it. Each frame becomes a digital data file, and each one needs to be cleaned and color-corrected.

This also happens with the sound. You take the analog or magnetic soundtrack and digitize it. The first thing is we take out the snap, crackle, and pop, and clean up the individual tracks, then recombine them to make the restored version.

The scanner also takes a picture of the surface dirt on each frame, so we can figure out where it is, which makes it easier to clean and restore. And there was a lot of dirt.

What are some of the dos and don’ts of restoring classic animation? Is there a danger that it can it look “too good,” so you lose the charm of the hand-drawn originals?

There are some classic mistakes. It can look too sharp or over-enhanced. With the Charlie Brown stuff, you have to embrace the original look. The picture changes from frame to frame. You’ve got to realize you can’t fix everything. You’ve basically got to take the show as a whole, not nitpick it, then go back and smooth it out.

We were lucky to have the original artwork, the original cels, so we could see what the original colors were for characters and what they wore. Everyone in Peanuts family has been involved in this in some way, and they’ve been very helpful.

How important is it for classic animation to be restored?

For every film that gets restored, there are 1,000 that haven’t been restored. There’s always an underlying race-the-clock mentality that’s associated with preservation. So many films have been lost and so many are at risk. Particularly with shows like this, we want our kids and our kids’ kids to experience the same things we did.

Separate from your professional experience, are you personally a fan of Peanuts and A Charlie Brown Christmas?

Coincidentally, I am. I know I’m not alone. It’s probably my favorite Christmas show, no doubt. If the Linus scene doesn’t get you all choked up, then nothing will. My kids like it, and my daughter has a child who just turned 5, and she loves it. I’ll take her for a ride in my car and play the soundtrack, and when the picture comes up on the player, she’s in heaven. It just makes it that much more special that I can re-experience it through their eyes.

One of the things that really struck me when we started working on it here at Technicolor was that I discovered I wasn’t the only one with special relationship to the material. The colorists here, grown men and women, were fighting over the project. That’s how fondly it’s remembered by so many people.


This might be my favorite interview of the series thus far.  Nothing makes me happier than knowing the best people are working on keeping the Peanuts films in the best condition.  And you could hear in Ron’s voice how much working on this project means to him.  It was touching.  Okay; I’m going to go grab a tissue, but you should get started entering this month’s giveaway.  It’s a fun one!

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Letters From Santa Review

Letters From Santa Review | Game On Mom

Would your child love to get a letter from Santa in the mail?  Whose child wouldn’t?!  Now, it’s possible!  With Letters From Santa your child will receive a customized letter from the big guy.  :-)  This would make a wonderful pre-Christmas gift for your child.

Letters From Santa is proud to have the distinction of delivering Christmas magic to children throughout North America and beyond with this great service.  Not only do they do Santa letters, but they also do customized greeting cards.  They have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Plum District, Stroller Traffic, and Scooter Traffic.

Letters From Santa Review | Game On Mom

Usually the mail comes right after Riley gets home from school.  This past week, Riley got a nice surprise to a letter with her name on it from the North Pole!  She couldn’t wait to open it up.  Inside was Santa’s Magic Key, a Nice List ID Card, and a 100% personalized letter from Santa!
Letters From Santa Review | Game On Mom

Reading Riley’s letter from Santa to her was so much fun.  Her face lit up when Santa brought up her being in preschool and named two of her friends from school.

The process was very simple to create a letter.  You just pick what package you want, and then they have several drafts to pick from and you fill in the blanks.  It’s super easy and took me less than 15 minutes from start to finish.  Letters From Santa has several packages to choose from -

Original Letter From Santa:

  • 100% Personalized Letter From Santa
  • North Pole Postmark
  • Free Wax Seal

Nice List ID Card Package – Everything in the above package, plus:

  • Nice List ID Card

Santa’s Magic Key Package – Everything in the Original Letter From Santa Package, plus:

  • Santa’s Magic Key

The North Pole Package – Everything in the Original Letter From Santa package, plus:

  • Nice List ID Card
  • Santa’s Magic Key

If you order now, letters will be mailed the day after Thanksgiving.  And, they always offer FREE standard shipping to the United States and Canada.

The prices for the packages are very affordable.  And I have a 15% off coupon code to share with you!  GAMEON2014 This code expires November 20, 2014.

Do you think your child would love to get their own letter from Santa in the mail?

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Simply Fun Logo

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Discover the Benefits of Solar Power & Enter to Win a $16.5K Solar Power System! #WinSolar

This post is brought to you by SunPower.  All opinions are 100% my own.

As you know, the Game on Mom blog is a big supporter of anything environment-friendly, especially when it’s also wallet-friendly, so today we’re excited to talk to you about solar power.


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It’s Time for the Ultimate Online Baby Shower! #UOBS

Get excited, everyone.  It’s time for another Ultimate Online Baby Shower!

Ultimate Online Baby Shower

If you’ve never taken part in the #UOBS, you are seriously in for a real treat.  There are giveaways and events galore, and this is your personal invitation!  This virtual shower will run from Friday, November 14 until Friday, November 21.

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To RSVP, you just need to visit the Game on Mom Facebook page and fill out the RSVP form between Nov. 14th and Nov. 21st at 5 PM.  That will enter you into the gift basket contest and you’ll get exclusive access to the full event calendar, so you won’t miss a single Flash Giveaway from the #UOBS bloggers.  (Go ahead, RSVP now.  We’ll wait.)

Speaking of the Flash Giveaways:  You’ll have plenty of chances to win fabulous prizes every day!

After you gain exclusive calendar access, you’ll be able to keep up with the time and day for every single Flash Giveaway–which will happen EVERY DAY, and sometimes multiple times a day!  Much like a flash sale, the items will be a surprise until the Flash Giveaway begins, and you have 2 hours to enter.  I can only give you a hint right now, but you’ll see items from brands like Neat Cheeks, Lucy Darling, and Wee Can Too, among many more.  How exciting!

Last of all, you can take part in the Sampling Events!

Like all showers, the Ultimate Online Baby Shower is even better when you’re with a friend, so grab a pal and get ready for this one!  The folks at Sampler will host sampling events every day from November 18-21.  To take part, you can make a “Wish For It” list of samples you’d like to receive, and during the Sampler events, you and your friends can send each other samples from your wish lists!

Sampler FAQs

Buddy up and get ready, because you’ll have the chance to score awesome samples from these brands:

How cool is that?!  There are so many awesome brands and bloggers participating, and I’m so excited to take part.  I hope you’ll join us!  Maybe a sneak peek of some of the fabulous products these brands are offering will convince you…


I know you want the details on all of these wonderful items, and I’ve put them all together for you, because that’s just how much I love you guys.  But you’ll have to go HERE to get them.  Get more product information on the amazing things you can get and give as part of this huge event, complete with photos.  Lots of photos.

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