Rejuvenate Dry Skin with Amlactin + Giveaway

This post is brought to you by AmLactin.

If I asked you to show me your hands (maybe I want to see your pretty manicure or beautiful ring), how many of you would be self-conscious because of dry skin? I definitely would.

Over the past year or two, I’ve really started noticing the lines and little wrinkles developing on my hands, as well as the fact that the skin on my hands seems to constantly be dry. This is a problem year-round, but you can imagine how much worse it gets in the winter. I’m rarely more than five feet from a bottle of lotion, to be honest.

Dry skin can be a problem for anyone, but it can be especially troublesome for women over 40. As we get older, the skin’s natural renewal cycle slows down, which can make your skin dry and rough. Oil glands become less active, so it’s harder to keep skin moisturized. Basically, aging causes dry skin, and dry skin is a problem we need to combat. A 2015 national online survey showed that women are ready to fight. Nearly two-thirds of U.S. women reported difficulty keeping their skin moisturized as they age. Dry skin can make skin look more aged than it really is, and 56% of women are just as concerned about signs of aging from the neck down as they are about aging on the face.

Amlactin Skin Care

There are countless products on shelves at every store, and it can be impossibly hard to find the right products. I have often stood in front of a shelf for thirty minutes, scanning boxes and reading the back of every bottle looking for just the right thing. That’s no fun, so I thought I’d save you a little trouble and share a product I’m enjoying these days: AmLactin.

The AmLactin line features several different products that I’ve been using as winter approaches:

AmLactin Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy Ultra Hydrating Body Cream

Amlactin Hydrating Body Cream

This body cream is the ultimate recovery therapy, and has a triple action moisturizing formula. This lotion is rich in humectants and emollients, and it gently exfoliates while it hydrates.

AmLactin Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy Cerapeutic Restoring Body Lotion

Amlactin Restoring Body Lotion

The restoring body lotion is intensely hydrating and features three essential ceramides that gently slough off dead skin cells and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier.

AmLactin Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy Foot Cream

Amlactin Foot Cream

For feet, you’ll want to try this recovery therapy. It has triple action alpha-hydroxy therapy to promote natural skin renewal through exfoliation, and can be used on feet daily.

AmLactin Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy Moisturizing Body Lotion

Amlactin Moisturizing Body Lotion

This special formula is made with 12% lactic acid and is p-H balanced for your skin. It gently encourages natural skin cell renewal through exfoliation.

I like all of these products, but I’m especially fond of the restoring body lotion. It’s almost like I can feel my skin smiling as I apply it. I know that sounds silly, but the texture is really nice and it feels amazing as it absorbs. You should try it.

Speaking of trying it: would you like to try AmLactin Skin Care for FREE? Follow these steps to enter my Soft Skin Giveaway: [Read more…]

Better Holiday Baking with the LG ProBake + $400 Kitchen Bundle Rebate

It seems like someone flips a switch in my head when autumn begins, and suddenly all I see everywhere is food.  I’m your stereotypical fan of all the pumpkin treats that make their appearance in October, so every trip to the grocery store gets a little more fun. Of course, pumpkin isn’t just for Halloween; it carries us well into November, and from that point my only logical train of thought is straight to the Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas ham. Don’t even get me started on all the cookies, cakes, pies, and other goodies that will come to life in my oven over the next couple of months.

Speaking of ovens, do you like yours? I’ve always been very picky about ovens. I’m not the world’s worst baker, but I’m also not a pro, so I really need an oven that won’t throw obstacles my way when I’m trying to bake. I’ve had many oven complaints over the years, but the one that continues to arise is uneven baking. It’s so ridiculously frustrating to open the oven and see a row of perfectly timed cookies sitting next to a few that are too brown, or seeing that the edges of a pie didn’t brown at the same rate. Uneven baking leads to parts that are less “pretty” and causes certain portions to taste different. It’s a real pain.

LG ProBake

I’ve always been told a convection oven could solve my problems, but I never gave them serious thought. I know it’s silly, but something about it just seemed overwhelming because I’d never used one and didn’t know where to start. It’s not so overwhelming now, though, because the LG ProBake Convection Range line actually seems like the simple and obvious choice. These ranges are available in a variety of options: [Read more…]

Clean & Freshen the Air in Your Home with the Febreze Mini-Tower Air Purifier + Giveaway

Fall is here and the weather is beginning to change (not to mention the leaves), and I’m already noticing some differences in my family’s health.  No, we haven’t caught colds or the flu, thank goodness, but I have noticed some sniffling.

When most people think of seasonal allergies, they think of the pollen and blooming flowers of spring. That’s certainly an issue for many people, but some of us suffer more from allergies in the fall. Ragweed is a nightmare, and the mold that grows under piles of wet leaves outside isn’t much better.

Try as you might, it’s impossible to keep allergens out of your house, no matter the season. To help combat the problem, we like to keep air purifiers in our home, but purchasing the right one can be a little overwhelming. There are so many to choose from, with so many features to consider, and full disclosure: researching air purifiers is not my idea of a good time. I bet it’s not high on your list, either.


Luckily I’ve found an air purifier that fits all of my family’s needs, and I’m going to save you the research legwork and tell you all about it! We recently got the Febreze Mini Tower HEPA-Type Air Purifier, and we’ve been using it constantly.

Febreze Air Purifier

I’m sure you’re already familiar with the Febreze line of air fresheners and odor-eliminating products. They’re one of my go-to brands because their scents are always so nice and really have staying power. I knew that Febreze had dozens of products for the home and car, but I had no idea they went beyond things like sprays and plug-ins until I learned about their air purifier. If you were also in the dark, let me show you the light.

The Febreze mini tower is designed to powerfully clean the air, eliminate odors, and add the refreshing Febreze scent to your home.  When I say “powerfully clean”, I’m serious: it captures up to 99% of airborne pollutants and allergens, so bad guys like dust, smoke, pollen, and pet dander become a problem of the past.

Febreze Air Purifier Controls

Some of the mini tower’s features include:

  • A dual-action HEPA-type filter
  • A design that fits perfectly in small to medium sized rooms (up to 85 sq. feet)
  • A Febreze freshness scent control to let you control the intensity
  • A circulation system that filters room air up to 5 times an hour
  • Manual controls with an easy-grip knob
  • 3 air cleaning levels
  • Electronic filter and scent replacement indicator lights
  • A choice of gray or white exterior
  • A 3-year warranty

The mini tower is super portable and lightweight, so I can move it around our house easily. I chose this size because I like having a smaller option for bedrooms, and it’s nice to know I can transfer it to another room if someone in the family is having a particularly rough time with allergies or illness.

Febreze Air Purifier Cartridge

It also features electronic indicator lights that let you know when the filter or scent need to be replaced, which is one of my favorite features. I’m way too busy to remember to check those things on my own, so I’m happy to let the air purifier do that job for me. Speaking of scents, the system comes with a Febreze Linen & Sky scent cartridge, and can also be used with a Spring & Renewal cartridge (sold separately). I like having a fresh scent in the house but I also want it to be subtle, and I’m really pleased with the low intensity of these fragrances.

The Febreze Mini-Tower HEPA-Type Air Purifier and cartridges are available to purchase at stores like Walmart and CVS, and can also be found online from Febreze. To learn more about common household allergens and choose the right system for your home, visit

Enter now to win your own Febreze Mini Tower Air Purifier!  Giveaway is open to US residents who are 18 and older.  Ends 11/1/16.  Good luck!

Febreze Air Purifier Giveaway

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It’s a Great Pumpkin Flash Giveaway!

We’re well into October, which means that every child in America is busy counting down to Halloween.  (I might be counting too!)  In addition to the costumes and the candy, the most beloved Halloween tradition in America has to be the annual airing of It’s the Good Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! And this year marks the 50th Anniversary of that beloved television special. (I know; it’s impossible to believe that Linus has been waiting for the Great Pumpkin for 50 years!)

So we have a special Halloween-themed giveaway this month, featuring all the charm, warmth, and delight of a Great Pumpkin night:

First, put the spice in life with adorable Linus and Snoopy salt and pepper shakers from Hallmark.

Then add color to your life with an It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown coloring set, containing 10 colored pencils and 46 illustrated cards with text and images to color.

Finally, bring all the warmth of Peanuts into your life with a “velvetsoft” Snoopy blanket from Berkshire Blanket. Measuring 55 inches by 70 inches, it is sure to keep you and the family cozy on cool fall nights.

Great Pumpkin Giveaway

This is a flash giveaway, and you only have this weekend to get your entries in, so start now and come back each day to enter.  Happy Halloween to you and your family!

Giveaway is open to US residents who are 18 and older.  Ends Monday, October 17th at 10 AM ET. Good luck!

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Homemade Juicy Juice Pumpkin Gummy Snacks Recipe

This post has been sponsored by KidzVuz on behalf of Juicy Juice.

I live in a household of juice fans, and it seems like there’s always a variety of flavors to choose from in our refrigerator. One brand that makes frequent appearances in my kids’ glasses is a brand I remember from my own childhood: Juicy Juice!

Juicy Juice certainly comes in a variety of flavors that weren’t available when I was a child, but one thing hasn’t changed. Juicy Juice is still 100% juice with no added sugars or artificial flavors. So many juices on the market are loaded with extra sugar, and that’s a definite “no” in my house.  Juicy Juice 100% juice is available in bottles ranging from 4.23 oz. to 128 oz., so no matter your family’s size, there will be plenty of juice to go around!  You can also get Juicy Juice Splashers, which are a blend of fruit juice and filtered water, and come in a convenient pouch that’s perfect for packed lunches and road trips.

At the Juicy Juice website, you can find ideas for fun activities and yummy recipes that everyone will love. My kids get really excited about snacks like gummy bears, so when I saw a Juicy Juice recipe for a healthier gummy treat, I was all ears.


I used their recipe for Homemade Fruit Juice Gummies, but I added a Halloween twist. Instead of making the gummies in a loaf pan, I used silicone ice trays with pumpkin, spider, and spider web molds. Here’s how it works:


  • 1½ cups of your favorite Juicy Juice 100% juice
  • 4 tablespoons of plain gelatin


  1. Pour Juicy Juice into a small pot, and gently add the gelatin powder. Allow it to absorb for a few minutes.
  2. Once the gelatin has absorbed, whisk the mixture gently.
  3. Turn on your stove to medium heat. Heat the mixture until it’s warm, but never boiling. The mixture will change from thick to runny after the gelatin has dissolved.’
  4. Once ready, pour your mixture into the molds and refrigerate for two hours or until firm.


And that’s all! It’s incredibly simple. In no time at all, you’ll have a tasty gummy snack that has all the flavor of your favorite Juicy Juice (and no added sugar). These are best served cold, and the texture is somewhere between a gummy bear and Jell-O. I used the Peach Apple juice for its orange color, but any of the Juicy Juice flavors would be perfect for this recipe. As you can see from the pictures the gummies are pretty transparent, but you could add a bit of natural food coloring if you want to boost the color of the gummies.


Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all provide excellent opportunities for children to make crafts and help out in the kitchen with treats and goodies. Many of the Juicy Juice ideas can be tailored to fit the holidays, like my pumpkin gummies (you could use red juice and heart tray for Valentine’s Day, for example). If you make any crafts or recipes, let us know in the comments!

To learn more about Juicy Juice Splashes and 100% Juice varieties, check out, and connect with them on Facebook and Instagram for your daily dose of juice inspiration.