The Cars 3 Road to the Races Tour is Bringing Life-Sized Fun to a City Near You, and It’s Free!

Just over a month from now, Disney•Pixar’s Cars 3 will be hitting theaters everywhere.  To gear up for the big event, we visited the NY installment of the Cars 3:  Road to the Races Tour!

Cars 3: Road to the Races Tour

Road to the Races is a free and super fun event making pit stops across the country.   They’ve got a ton of activities for kids of all ages, and you even get a sneak peek of the movie.  If you’re a fan of Lightning McQueen and his friends, you’re not going want to miss this one.  Take a look at all the fun we had, and you’ll see what I mean!

We started off with Alamo Rent A Car’s street art booth where the kids helped color in a giant Cars mural.  They colored, they autographed, and they walked away with a pack of colored pencils to use at home.

Cars 3 Road to the Races Alamo Street Art

Over at the Coppertone booth, the kids not only had fun, but they picked up a new skill.  First they had their sunscreen touched up, and then they learned [Read more…]

Win a Sea Buckthorn Wonder Pack for Mother’s Day!

May is for mothers, and in early June, the new “Wonder Woman” movie is coming out.  Sounds like two good reasons to get ready for some adventure and major “woman power”, right?!  To celebrate, SeabuckWonders is giving my readers a chance to win a SeabuckWonders Wonder Pack! 

This amazing health & beauty kit contains 4 products any woman can use for protection from the dangerous elements around her. 

Mother's Day Wonder Woman

Fight the enemies of health and beauty with these 4 Weapons of Protection:

  1. Ultimate Hair Skin & Nails –  The ONLY Hair, Skin & Nails product to contain Omega-7 AND Biotin. By combining biotin with the cell membrane nurturing properties of sea buckthorn oil, this powerful blend provides the best support for strength and beauty. Supercharged with Omegas 7,3,6,9 and more than 190 phytonutrients, this formula is the perfect choice for lasting, healthy beauty.
  2. Sea Buckthorn Exfoliating Facial CleanserSea Buckthorn Facial Cleanser cleans skin gently, yet effectively, without stripping the skin of its natural oils. It exfoliates to remove dirt and impurities, while hydrating skin for a smooth, clear complexion. Unlike many other facial cleansers, SeabuckWonders Facial Cleanser is ideal for all skin types that will benefit from its remarkable nutritional properties, leaving skin feeling clean, balanced, and beautiful.
  3. Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream – Utilizing the superb age-defying properties of sea buckthorn oil, SeabuckWonders Facial Cream minimizes fine lines, while protecting the skin from the damaging effects of the sun and environmental pollutants.
  4. Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion – Intensely moisturizing, Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion rejuvenates and replenishes the skin’s natural balance, softening and nourishing for silky, touchable skin. Its high concentration of sea buckthorn oil allows for superior moisture retention while protecting the skin from signs of aging and the effects of exposure to the sun.

This amazing kit retails for $69.60!

About SeabuckWonders

SeabuckWonders was the first company to introduce sea buckthorn to United States consumers. Providing only Himalayan, USDA Certified Organic Sea Buckthorn berries for over 20 years. Consumers can depend on the highest quality sea buckthorn oils when choosing SeabuckWonders.

The SeabuckWonders Difference

What separates their products from other brands?  SeabuckWonders products contain the highest amount of sea buckthorn oil compared to competitors.  SeabuckWonders products are available at select retailers or online at: or on Amazon!
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Enter via the Giveaway Tools form below.  Giveaway ends 5/15/17 and is open to US residents who are 18 and older.  Good luck!

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The Flat Out Truth: The VIZIO M50-D1 SmartCast™ 4K HDR Home Theater Display

We’re a busy household. It seems like there’s always something happening around here, whether it’s some kind of after-school activity, a playdate, a party, or even just the nightly homework-dinner-relax juggle.  Even though our schedules are packed, I still make sure we have some family time together. That might look different depending on the day, but one of my favorite things to do is sit down with a fun family movie that we can all enjoy. We don’t sit in front of the television all the time, but there’s nothing like sharing laughs with your kids, and good movies are one of my favorite ways to do that. Plus, I’m a bit of a movie buff, and I love passing that interest to my children.


Since we love movies, it’s important to me that we have a nice television. There are at least a million and one models out there, but I’ve always been partial to VIZIO; to me, their name has always been synonymous with quality. VIZIO’s new M50-D1 SmartCast™ 4K HDR Home Theater Display is a relatively new addition to their already great lineup, and let me tell you, it’s a powerhouse.  Since we have a lot of game and tech-loving followers, VIZIO agreed to provide a complimentary sample in exchange for a review.

The M50-D1 isn’t just a standard television. It features an amazing 4K Ultra HD display that supports HDR (high dynamic range) signals, so the picture is crisp and bright.

SDR HDR Comparison

To really see what this TV can do, [Read more…]

Our Top 5 Picks for Easter Basket Toys

The weather hasn’t necessarily caught on, but my allergies have – Spring is here!  It’s off to a slightly slow start, and it feels a little longer since Easter falls late in the season this year, but we’re rapidly approaching one of my favorite times of the year.

When I was growing up, my family always made a big deal about creating Easter baskets for me (I usually got about three of them), so I have really fond memories of digging through plastic eggs and pastel basket grass. There were always chocolate bunnies and jellybeans to be found, but my favorite things were the cute little gifts from my family. They were never anything big or expensive, but something about having little mementos from people who cared about me made me happier than candy any day of the week.


This year as I’m putting together my own kids’ Easter baskets, I’m making sure I include a few little gifts they can use for a while, as well yummy treats. In case you’re working on baskets for your kids, I thought I would share a few ideas with you!



Wipenotes by Beyouneeq are really cute little notebooks that can be reused as many times as you want. How? The pages are mini whiteboards! I love this idea, because I can’t count the number of notebooks I filled up with meaningless little doodles and words. Sometimes you want to keep things like that, but other times you wish you could undo that 5th page of doodle hearts idly sketched out while you watched TV. Or at least that was my experience. Wipenotes let you do just that, as each page can be erased and reused infinitely. They’re pretty, too: each notebook has a cover decorated by award-winning original artwork, and there’s sure to be one that suits everyone.



Imperial Toy and Disney have teamed up to create D-Lectables, and they are so adorable. D-Lectables are your favorite Disney characters reimagined as mix and match sweet treats. They’re interchangeable, which means they come with various components and elements that let you truly customize your designs. For example, there’s a little set of mouse ears that can be used as ice cream or cupcake toppers – your choice! D-Lectables come in mini surprise blind bags (like many of your kids’ favorite collectables), and you can collect characters like Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell, Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella, and more. There are over 30 styles to collect, so they will definitely keep kids busy for a while.


Hydro Storm 6-Pack

The Hydro Storm is a fun, outdoor toy, and it’s sure to be a hit as the weather warms up and the kids are outside more often.  These compact water blasters are incredibly affordable (did I mention this is a 6-pack for just $9.97?), and they are everything kids need for an epic water battle with their friends. The blasters are easy to fill and project water up to 25 feet, so you can expect your back yard to turn into the neighborhood kids’ favorite place to play.


Hurricane Reusable Water Balls

While the kids are playing with their water blasters, they can also enjoy these fun reusable water balls. Forget water balloons; these Hurricane Water Balls are self-sealing, so there are no pesky knots to be tied. That’s a huge time saver during any water balloon battle. (And how many times did you drop water all over your feet trying to tie a water balloon with little kid fingers?). These balls can be reused for up to 1,000 splashes, so they’re in it for the long haul.



I don’t know how old you were in the late 80s and early 90s, but if you’re around my age, you were probably a huge fan of slap bracelets. My friends and I used to collect those things like they were currency, and I can remember how much fun we had with them. Watchitude takes it up a notch by turning the classic slap bracelet into a fun, water –resistant watch. Each watch withstands rain, sweat, and splashing (perfect to wear during those back yard water fights), and they’re available in a ton of fun prints and designs. My favorite one is covered in a pizza print. Obviously.

There are so many ways to make an Easter basket special, but these fun little toys and trinkets are perfect. If you’re putting together baskets for your kids, what are you including? We’d love to know!

Enter to Win an Easter Beagle Prize Pack! #Snoopy #EasterBeagle

Technically, it’s spring right now–even if mother nature can’t seem to make up her mind on the subject.  Whatever the weather, Easter will be here soon, and what better excuse to have a little Peanuts-style celebratory giveaway?  We’re giving you a chance to win a fun, spring-inspired prize pack featuring Snoopy and his friends.  Oh, you are just going to love this one!

Easter Beagle Porch Greeter


Easter Beagle Porch Greeter

You might remember this from last year.  He’s guaranteed to give a warm welcome to any visitor…unless your son steals him and insists on keeping him next to his bed all year long.  Mine might have done that.

Motivational Peanuts Tin Sign


Peanuts Tin Sign: Wag More; Bark Less.

Springtime brings on feelings of hope, joy, and love, and you’ll be reminded of all those things when you pass by this special Peanuts tin sign!  Mine says “Wag More; Bark Less”.  There isn’t any truer statement, if you ask me.

It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown Coloring Kit


Easter Beagle Coloring Kit

This is a fun spring break activity that every kid can enjoy.  I’m a fan of anything that inspires creativity in my kids, and if it incorporates Charlie Brown, that’s a pretty nice bonus.

Charlie Brown or Lucy Funko Pop!


Peanuts Funko Pop!

An adorable, collectible vinyl figure that is the perfect addition to any Easter basket!  I love the idea of having one of these on my desk.  It’s like going to work with an old friend every day.


The Easter Beagle is ready to hop his way into your heart!  Just enter to win via the Giveaway Tools form below.  Open to US residents who are 18 and older.  Ends 4/11/17 at 11:00 AM ET.  Good luck!

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