Letters From Santa Review

Letters From Santa Review | Game On Mom

Would your child love to get a letter from Santa in the mail?  Whose child wouldn’t?!  Now, it’s possible!  With Letters From Santa your child will receive a customized letter from the big guy.  :-)  This would make a wonderful pre-Christmas gift for your child.

Letters From Santa is proud to have the distinction of delivering Christmas magic to children throughout North America and beyond with this great service.  Not only do they do Santa letters, but they also do customized greeting cards.  They have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Plum District, Stroller Traffic, and Scooter Traffic.

Letters From Santa Review | Game On Mom

Usually the mail comes right after Riley gets home from school.  This past week, Riley got a nice surprise to a letter with her name on it from the North Pole!  She couldn’t wait to open it up.  Inside was Santa’s Magic Key, a Nice List ID Card, and a 100% personalized letter from Santa!
Letters From Santa Review | Game On Mom

Reading Riley’s letter from Santa to her was so much fun.  Her face lit up when Santa brought up her being in preschool and named two of her friends from school.

The process was very simple to create a letter.  You just pick what package you want, and then they have several drafts to pick from and you fill in the blanks.  It’s super easy and took me less than 15 minutes from start to finish.  Letters From Santa has several packages to choose from –

Original Letter From Santa:

  • 100% Personalized Letter From Santa
  • North Pole Postmark
  • Free Wax Seal

Nice List ID Card Package – Everything in the above package, plus:

  • Nice List ID Card

Santa’s Magic Key Package – Everything in the Original Letter From Santa Package, plus:

  • Santa’s Magic Key

The North Pole Package – Everything in the Original Letter From Santa package, plus:

  • Nice List ID Card
  • Santa’s Magic Key

If you order now, letters will be mailed the day after Thanksgiving.  And, they always offer FREE standard shipping to the United States and Canada.

The prices for the packages are very affordable.  And I have a 15% off coupon code to share with you!  GAMEON2014 This code expires on Cyber Monday, 12/1/14.

Do you think your child would love to get their own letter from Santa in the mail?

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