Who is Game On Mom?

Game On Mom is the creation of Denise, a 38-year-old NJ mommy of a 5-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl.  Hi!  I have a Master of Library & Information Science Degree and several years of experience in the fields of information technology and librarianship.  Aside from my family, my greatest loves are for books, music, fitness, and pizza.

Game On Mom is a place for busy parents to learn about great brands, fun events, delicious food, green living, and more.  We love food, beauty, and anything family-friendly, and we are especially happy to feature products that are safe and healthy for the family and for the planet.

I also have some wonderful contributors who help keep things going at Game On Mom:


Kelli is a librarian in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee. She loves fashion, home decor, travel, music, candy, and cats. Kelli wants to keep our lovely readers up to date on style, home goods, and other exciting topics.


Jessica is a wife and a graduate student.  Her “child” is of the furry, canine variety, and his name is Flash.  He’s a giant mutant Dachshund.  Jessica lives in Colorado at a ridiculous elevation where marshmallow fluff, chip bags, and ice cream are all prone to explosions from their containers.  She loves chocolate, Star Trek, and other wonderful things.

Avery lives in Ontario, Canada (currently in a suburban igloo) with her two cats, Dee and Bee. She has a degree in political studies and has worked in a plethora of industries, from legal to hospitality. She’s a lover of yoga and of learning new ways to find zen in this ever-demanding world. Her interests include home decor, all kinds of food, movies, cool shoes, and everything cat-related.


Allie is the mother of a 6 year old girl, and she has another little one on the way.  She is also a veteran special educator and school administrator with over fourteen years in the field.  She has been responsible for the development of special education programs for students with a variety of disabilities and is a trusted resource for teachers as they struggle to educate the most challenging students.  In addition, she has worked tirelessly as an advocate for both disabled students and their parents and hopes that the information she shares on this blog will continue to reach parents in need of support.


Elizabeth is a proud mom of two girls, one almost 4-year-old going on 10, and a 1 1/2 year old.  I have more than a decade of experience writing and reporting about the retail industry and producing Web seminars for the retail business community, and I am thrilled whenever I discover family-friendly products that make life easier, time more efficient, and put smiles on my kids’ faces.

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