Natural Bug Repellents that Work + Bug Band Prize Pack Giveaway

As you know, we at Game On Mom think that natural is best, whether it’s the food we eat or products we use on our bodies.  We hope you’ve found our recent posts on safe sunscreens and lip balms with SPF helpful, and we’re continuing the natural summer theme with some recommendations for insect repellents.

DEET-Free Insect Repellents That Actually Work

Have you ever read the label on a can of insect repellent?  When a product starts off with a warning about it being hazardous to humans, I’m inclined to leave it on the shelf.  You can argue all day long that chemicals like DEET are safe to use, but you will never convince me that chemicals in general are a good thing.  When those chemicals can also be used to melt plastic and rubber, then I’m going to have an especially difficult time applying them to my skin.

Honestly, I’d rather not be spraying my kids or myself with anything at all.  Were it simply a matter of being bumpy and itchy, we could deal with that and go spray free.  Sadly, I’ve seen too many people get Lyme Disease in my time, and with the possibility of contracting that and so many other infections and diseases from pests like mosquitoes and ticks, it’s just too risky to go out unprotected.  Rather than avoid outdoor summertime fun, we have a few natural alternatives that we’ve come to rely on.

All Terrain Herbal Armor Insect Repellent

All Terrain

This is a brand I only discovered this year, and I’m so happy I did.  I’ve been loving their sunscreens, and their insect repellents work just as well.  All Terrain has repellent sticks that you can use in your yard, as well as Herbal Armor and Kids Herbal Armor sprays for your skin.  Their new continuous sprays have become a summer staple around here, as they’re environmentally-friendly and deliver complete coverage at any direction or angle.  They’re DEET-free, of course, but they’re also GMO-free, and that’s not a feature I’ve seen in many bug sprays.  I haven’t really been able to detect a difference between the regular and kids versions, so I’ve been using them interchangeably and with great results.  They both have a strong herbal/floral scent that lasts longer than the scents of other brands I’ve tried, but I’ve also found that I don’t need to reapply this one as often, which makes it more than worth it for me.  Its 3 oz. size makes it ideal for travel too.



Bug Bands

The BugBand brand offers a wide variety of bug repellent options, such as sprays, towelettes, diffusers, and, of course, bug bands.  Naturally derived Geraniol accounts for 20% of the active ingredients in their products, and it’s proven to be quite effective against pests like mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, flies, fire ants, and more.  Everything is DEET-free and safe for the whole family.  Their CFC-free spray lotion comes in three sizes, including a 3 oz. bottle that is air travel safe. The reusable towelettes are available in mulitiple sizes and are perfect for using on your face and neck.  I also like them for applying to the ankle area when I’m wearing pants and don’t want to spray my legs.  My kids love the adjustable BugBand Wristbands because they can use them while they’re swimming, and one version even glows in the dark.  (That makes chasing fireflies at night even more fun for them!)  I like that the bands last for up to 120 hours and come with a reusable storage pod.


Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales Bug Bandit

We’ve been using their Bug Bandit Bug Spray for at least a few summers now, and its efficacy seems to have actually improved over the years.  It has an herbal scent that’s strong but fades after a couple of minutes.  Ingredients include citronella oil, soybean oil, rosemary leaf oil, and lemon eucalyptus oil.  You will not find DEET, pesticides, parabens, pthalates, or alcohol, and it’s gluten, dairy, and nut free.  When I accidentally spray too much, it can feel a little sticky, but this only happens when I’m in a rush, and it absorbs pretty quickly anyway.

I think the key to using natural insect repellents is to remember to reapply.  Just like sunscreen, reapply frequently for the best protection.  That might make them a little less convenient than sprays with DEET, but in my opinion, it’s well worth the effort.


Our friends at Bug Band are generously offering Game On Mom readers a chance to win an amazing prize pack valued at $65.  The lucky winner will receive a family pack of wristbands, a diffuser, a box of diffuser refills, a 6 oz. spray, and towelettes!  Giveaway is open to US residents who are 18 and older.  Ends 7/16/17 at 11:59 PM ET.  Good luck!


Bug Band Prize Pack Giveaway



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  1. shannon fowler says:

    We definitely need this. This is our first summer living in florida and I am constantly getting bitten.

  2. Darcy Koch says:

    I would like to use these products while camping. Up in the woods here are so many insects, mesquitoes, etc.

  3. This is a wonderful prize! As a mom to 6 we go through lots of bug repellent, especially in the summer!

  4. Elizabeth H. says:

    I would love to win these. We have mosquitoes pretty bad where I live in SC.

  5. Wendy R. says:

    Bugs can be so annoying! I like that these are GMO free.

  6. Amanda Joosten says:

    I def need this for my son. When he gets bit by mosquitos he gets big welts

  7. Janet W. says:

    We have so many mosquitos in our yard that it makes us not even want to go outside! I like how this would help protect my family from unwanted bug bites.

  8. rochelle haynes says:

    Love to have this for the summer looking good

  9. Cynthia C says:

    I live in the woods and could really use good insect protection. Thanks for the chance!

  10. Alison King says:

    I had never heard of this brand. Thank you for sharing. I hate the bug bites, but don’t want to cover myself in unsafe chemicals either.

  11. I would love to use these products with my family while attending picnics in the park this summer.

  12. Kimberly O says:

    We are taking up fishing as a family hobby. This would be perfect for those hot, buggy days! Thanks for the chance!

  13. Melissa Storms says:

    These look like great products, the bugs are terrible this year. The ticks are bad enough but it has been so wet the mosquitos are just horrifying.

  14. I’d love to win this for the summertime!
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  15. I’d like to win this-I try to use all natural products as often as I can and it kills me to have to douse my body in chemicals to avoid bugs.

  16. kayla sheehan says:

    im all about anything all natural. And having a seven month old and a two year old, i try to keep things as natural as possible for them. This sounds great!

  17. Debbi Wellenstein says:

    We live in Kansas, where the mosquitoes and bugs can be pretty annoying. We will be visiting Wisconsin later this summer, where the bugs are insane! This would come in very handy.

  18. denise low says:

    Thank you for sharing. I need this for my grandkids. They come over of an evening and love playing outside.

  19. ellen beck says:

    I swear biting things find me the most delectable thing on two legs! No kidding, my husband and I will stand side by side I have a dozen bugs biting, he has none. He says it is the garlic he takes, I tink they find my blood tasty. This would be great- I am totally paranoid of mosquitos now with some of the new things they are found to carry.

  20. Dana Rodriguez says:

    The mosquitos are so bad where we live you can’t hardly walk out the door. These sound like great products!

  21. mary loveland says:

    I would use this while fishing with my family.

  22. chrissy c says:

    I’m always looking for natural bug sprays that work! Thanks for the info!

  23. Crystal M says:

    I would use these on the kids at the ball games! Kansas bugs are bad this year!

  24. I know I would go out more with something like this.

  25. Fiona N says:

    What a great giveaway, and an awesome prize pack. I love the BugBand Wristbands and diffuser 🙂
    Thank You for the chance!

  26. Darlene Wetzel says:

    I love natural bug repellant. I get bitten a lot in the summer and I want to know what I’m spraying on me and the kids.

  27. These would really come in handy this summer. We are going on a long family camping trip, and there will be lots of bugs.

  28. I’ve been trying to switch from the chemical-laden bug repellents so this is very useful info.

  29. LeAnn Harbert says:

    I’ve wanted to try these for my granddaughters when we’re camping.

  30. Lauryn R says:

    All of these products sound amazing! I have three little ones and my youngest swells up like crazy when she gets bit by a mosquito. We also live by the lake so mosquitos are constant here!

  31. Laurie Emerson says:

    We need these so badly. We live in MS where the mosquitos are awful. They are really bad for our son and daughter who the mosquitos seems to gravitate towards. These are so much better than a spray repellent.