Get Smart with Knock out! Panties + Giveaway!

Knock out! That Little Something Extra...Knock out! Smart Panties were created by Angela Newnam to solve an unmentionable problem with women’s unmentionables.  If you’re a woman, you know that sometimes something as simple as a warm day or an unexpected sneeze could cause embarrassing and uncomfortable moisture issues.  Other than wearing pantiliners, there hasn’t been much we could do about it–until now.  Knock out! Smart Panties feature a breathable, cotton liner that has patented NO TRACE technology.  What is NO TRACE technology?  It’s what puts the “Smart” in Smart Panties!

NO TRACE technology enables cotton fabric to wick moisture away from the body, pulling it to the outer side of the liner, dispersing it, and preventing it from moving back toward the body.  This will keep you feeling clean and dry throughout the day and your clothing will be protected.  It even absorbs odor!  So long pantiliners!

No Trace Technology

The technology works.  In fact, it works so well, I forget it’s even happening.  Odor and wetness?  Pfft…they’re no match for me and my fancy pants.

That’s right.  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try Knock out! Smart Panties for myself!  My panty buffet was made up of several of their styles, including:  the Bikini, the Lacy Bikini, the  Lacy Brief, the Boy Short, and the Lacy Panty.

Knock out! Bikini


Knock out! Lacy Bikini

Lacy Bikini


Knock out! Lacy Brief

Lacy Brief

Knock out! Boy Short

Boy Short


Knock out! Lacy Panty

Lacy Panty







Made of the world’s finest Supima cotton, Knock out! Smart Panties are soft, breathable, and so very comfortable to wear.  As you can see from the picture, they’re also very pretty!  And oh, the lace!  I don’t typically choose lacy undies as I find them itchy and irritating, but the lace on the Knock out! Smart Panties is so soft.  You won’t have to sacrifice comfort for beauty with these.  You don’t have to worry about them riding up or sliding down either–these panties stay put.  No droopy drawers here!

Caring for Knock out! panties is easy too.  They’re machine washable in warm or cold water (preferably with fragrance-free detergent), and you can even toss them in the dryer.  Just keep in mind that they are lingerie, so it’s always a good idea to use a lingerie bag if you want to keep them looking their best.

And did I mention these little beauties are made in the USA?  It’s true.  Just when you thought this couldn’t get any better, right?

In case you haven’t already figured it out, I am completely in love with these panties.  They address every concern I’ve had in the past about underwear; It almost seems like they were made just for me!  Some of you might be concerned that they seem a bit pricey.  When you take into account the high quality material used, the No Trace technology, and the fact that they are made in the USA, they really aren’t a bad value…especially when you factor in the money you’ll save on pantiliners.

Knock out! brings you performance and comfort in a beautiful panty.  Wear them when you exercise, wear them when it’s warm out, or just wear them because they make you feel pretty and confident.  Give them a try; I know you’ll love them as much as I do.  And then when someone calls you a smarty pants, you can tell them that they’re absolutely right  🙂

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Buy them!  All of their products are available for purchase through the Knock out! web site.  You can also search for a local retailer.

Win them!  Knock out! is offering one of my readers a very generous prize.  One of you will win 7 pairs of Knock out! Smart Panties of your choice!  That’s at least a $168 retail value!  Enter via the Rafflecopter below.

Good Luck!

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I received complimentary Knock out! Panties to facilitate this review.  No other compensation was provided, and all opinions are honest and my own.

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Denise is the owner of Game On Mom, a family-friendly blog. She is the mother of a 6-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl, she eats too much pizza, and a tangled Slinky is no match for her.


  1. Darlene Ysaguirre says:

    I think they got all the styles covered maybe some fun designs

  2. stacey dempsey says:

    well they pretty much cover all the styles already, but my boys like the regular boxers and I only saw boxer briefs there so maybe some regular boxers for men

  3. I like the smarties bikinis

  4. michelle jonassen says:

    I don’t think there is anything to add. I was surprised by all that they offered.

  5. I’d like them to add some colours to the bikini line. They only offer nude.

    • the bikini will be available in black by Monday – We hear you about colors and as we grow we will add.

      Thank you for appreciating our Smart Panties

  6. Karen Rennirt says:

    I like microfiber material as well and I’m with Julie G. they need colors.

  7. Christine W. says:

    I like the lacy bikinis, so I would just like to see more designs added to that style. Thanks for the great giveaway – would love to win these!!


    I can’t imagine what I would add to their line, they have an awesome line as it is, The only thing I can even imagine if I really try hard is maybe add even more colors? I soooooooo love love love the lacy boyshorts!

    Thank you to blogger and sponsor for this giveaway opportunity.
    I would be sooooo tickled pink if I win! : D

  9. Laurie Barreca says:

    I agree with Karen and Julie, they need more color. While nude is great if you have on thin, light bottoms, it isn’t as much fun as some bold colors!

  10. Lisa Brown says:

    For the Classics, more color options.

  11. Samantha D. says:

    They have a lot of great undies! I would like to see more sporets bra’s especially for bigger chested women who need more stabilizing support.

  12. It seems to me like they’ve got all the styles typically known. I would like to see some wild designs.

  13. Maybe French-cut lacy panties? I’d buy them.

  14. Maybe a brief with some stylish something or other?

  15. Tracey Pullum says:

    I would like some big old fashioned granny panties 🙂 Thats what I am most comfy in. lol

  16. White bikini panties made from organic cotton.
    Stacie recently posted..Quotes About BullyingMy Profile

  17. love love love the boyshorts!

  18. courtney hennagir says:

    more colors of boy shorts

  19. Debbie Petch says:

    I like the classic brief and would like to see a control panel.

  20. Kimberly B says:

    I like boy shorts!

  21. I’d suggest hipsters but without the lace.

  22. I can’t think of anything that they are missing – they all look cute
    Gidget recently posted..Motivation towards CollegeMy Profile

  23. They had almost everything you could think of ! I was surprised by the variety offered…maybe, because of our weather here, some long underwear?

  24. Golden Storm says:

    i think girl boxer shorts like the guysones but in a girls style

  25. Dominique says:

    I like to wear tanga and cheeky shorts style panties myself. Definitely add some more color options though. 🙂 (Nikki Marie on rafflecopter)

  26. JENNIFER HART says:


  27. MaryAnn Casey says:

    They got plenty of stuff but need more colors and patterns. I love polka-dots!

  28. I would like to see more color options

  29. Julie Thompson says:

    I like the boy shorts. thank you for the giveaway Happy holidays!

  30. any styles they add would be amazing over and above what they already provide – can you get any other styles/colours? I’d like to see my wife in any of them – thanks. Great Christmas gift.

  31. new bright colors would be a great addition!

  32. krista grandstaff says:

    I can’t think of anything that I would add…they have a great line already, it looks like 🙂 Actually, they have an INCREDIBLE line..thanks so much for introducing this to all of us!

  33. Mary Gallardo says:

    They already have all the styles I would wear, but maybe an animal print line of underwear!

  34. boy shorts

  35. Sherry Compton says:

    Great styles but need more color…maybe even have one with tummy control.

  36. I love the boy shorts. I just think they need more designs on some of these. Solid colors are great but some people like the designs.

  37. Cindi Decker says:

    Maybe some tummy control panties? And some brighter colors.

  38. Andrea Williams says:

    I would also like to see them in brighter colors and prints.

  39. Jessica Houston says:

    I like the styles they have now lol

  40. says:

    verypretty indeed

  41. Oh wow you have such a big collection, I wouldn’t know what types of underwear there are…All I know is boyshort and bikini cut? Or something like that lol More boyshorts! Booty Shorts lol or Girl boxers maybe?

  42. Tari Lawson says:

    I would like a longer leg boy short.

  43. Jennifer Reda says:

    hipsters without lace 🙂

  44. Dianne arsenault says:

    I would like to dee French or high cut briefs

  45. Ashley Morrissey says:

    The Lacy Panty is SO hot!! I totally want this. Gahhh! Haha.

    I think they should come out with some sexy lingerie material. Yum!

    -Ashley Marie Morrissey

  46. Deb Anderson says:

    How about some prints?

  47. the only other kind I can think of is a g-string panty which had less than a thong. i can’t wear any of those type because I am overweight and it might get lost if you know what I mean….Lol…I’d be happy with the types they already have for my daughter

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  48. Austin Baroudi says:

    My girlfriend says boy shorts!

  49. Everything that they have is great as it is. I think they would just have to add different colors, but that’s it!

  50. I like the boy shorts.

  51. I’d love to see some bright colors likehot pink!

  52. Huguette E. says:

    They carried almost everything. As long as they are comfy, that’s what matters the most.

  53. anything lace! love it!!
    cindy b recently posted..Get a FREE Skincare Starter Kit!My Profile

  54. I agree that there are lots of style choices, but not a lot of color choices. Add more colors.
    kelly recently posted..Liebster Blog AwardMy Profile

  55. Brandi Price says:

    They already have all my favorites! 🙂

  56. janet benthin says:

    I love the lacy brief…it looks comfy and a little sexy…maybe add some brighter colors

  57. jen stevens says:

    i think they should add some thongs and maybe some nice bright colors or sexy paterns like animal print!! i love anything animal print

  58. I like the variety of styles offered, but I’d like to see some more colors. The basics are nice and necessary, but what about some bright options as well?

  59. Brenda Penton says:

    I’d love to see non-lacy Boy Shorts for women.

  60. Danielle B says:

    They have quite a bit covered, I don’t know what I would add!

  61. fave: lacy boyshort, but the panty and lace are too big

  62. They seem to have all the popular styles already – maybe boycut panties/shorts next?

  63. maybe some prints added to their line

  64. Christine says:

    more color options

  65. nicole lewis says:

    more colors and maybe a highcut

  66. I’d like to see Lacy thong and Classic thong in fun colors!

  67. They have a wonderful line, they could use some new colors or prints maybe

  68. Stefanie Elysse Hurtado says:

    I honestly can’t think of any other styles I’d like to see. I especially love the thong and boy shorts styles. And LOVE the lace!

  69. Wow I don’t know what they should add! They have such a variety! Maybe more colors and patterns?

  70. Enizete Lane says:

    I like the Lacy Boy Short. So sexy!!!

  71. richelle bowers says:

    g string

  72. Catalina K says:

    More boy briefs in polka dot patterns would be nice.

  73. lacy bikini
    Elaine recently posted..23 Weeks: This baby is going to pop out of this dressMy Profile

  74. tom phillips says:

    O would like to see more color selections instead of the main 3 colors

  75. Melissa Belle says:

    Classic brief, since I’m having a baby this month.

    sweetmelbelle31 at yahoo dot com

  76. Misses Giveaways says:

    they need to add designs and more colors

  77. Boy cut.

  78. brooke evenden says:

    I cant think of anything else to add except maybe more color or patterns. I’m sooooo hoping i win!

  79. Boy shorts would be a great addition!

  80. ELIZABETH C. says:


  81. More color options would be nice

  82. I didn’t see any hipsters? That’s what I would add.

  83. John Hutchens says:

    they looked like they had many to choose from and I dont know of any other kind

  84. I’d love to see some lower-riding panties and a camisole!


  85. The boy shorts rule!

  86. They already have all the styles maybe just add some color or patterns …Thanks for the chance

  87. Belinda McNabb says:

    more options in the boy shorts

  88. Isabelle Williams says:

    Classic style is nice but needs colors. Lacy smart panties are sexy looking but need more colors.

  89. I can’t think of any styles of undies to add, but I would like to see some yoga capris.

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  90. More colors!

  91. i only wear boy shorts really, so i’m happy! =)

  92. janice muegge says:

    I didin’t notice any stlyes that they didin’t have.They have a large variety.

  93. scented panties

  94. Danielle Porter says:

    They seem to have good styles! My favorites are: boyshort and combo thong. I would like to see some brighter colors though!

  95. I love the boy shorts so, I don’t want to see a new addition except for maybe more color and/or pattern choices

  96. nikki robak says:

    nothing to add great selection

  97. I’d love them to add a shapewear panel at the top of the panties that doesn’t roll down and helps with the dreaded muffin top! 🙂

  98. says:

    I think they need to stop outside of the box with designs!

  99. PAIGE CHANDLER says:

    I’d like to see silk panties

  100. Megan Parsons says:

    I like the styles they have, but they need more colors and prints!

  101. I think that they have most well known styles, maybe some boy-leg briefs? Haven’t seen that in a long time~ Thanks for the chance to win!

  102. I would love to see a thong pair!

  103. Michelle armstrong says:

    Would love to see some thongs!

  104. They have boy shorts, which are my favorite non-traditional style. Don’t know what else they could add! Okay, um… I would like to see them add bloomers and pantaloons!? (impossible question but I guess you want to make sure no spam-bots enter).

  105. Rhonda W G. says:

    I always have liked a string bikini…These Knock Out Panties are pretty…love lace!

  106. I like hi cut panties (hi cut in the legs)

  107. Stephanie Larison says:

    I like the types of panties they have available, just wish they would have some more color options also.

  108. It would be nice to see a something like a body shaper panty similar to spanx

  109. More colors would be nice. some bold colors

  110. lower rise briefs

  111. Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

    They already have these but my fav are the boy shorts!

  112. Amy Peschel says:

    Bold Colors!

  113. Karla Sceviour says:

    I love them all,,maybe more bright and bold colors!

  114. I would like to try these

  115. bright colors!

  116. More Tanga and bootie shorts would be awesome… maybe some cute tummy control like panties…

  117. I like all of the styles, especially the bikini. I can’t think of anything to add.

  118. Looks like they have all the kinds I can think of, but I would say to add more color choices.

  119. I love the lacy bikini, but I’d like to see it in more colors. A red and a black would be terrific.

  120. They need hipsters! Those are my fave!

    fs4sarah at gmail dot com

  121. love the combo thong!!

  122. I’d like to see some bolder color options.

  123. Darlene Webb says:

    I would love to see the bikini in Lime green and yellow.

  124. I love the boy shorts!

  125. They seem to have all the panty styles covered, but I’d like to see more color choices. Would also like to see some sleep shorts.

  126. they have a ton of styles, i would add more colors though!
    trinity babichuk recently posted..18 inch throw pillow cover, Chevron gray and white. Zigzag pattern, modern print. For indoor use. by bisousroseMy Profile

  127. Maybe string bikini.

  128. thongs that arent so plain and have a little more oomph! maybe a variety of fun colors also! also i would love to see “boy” style boxer briefs but w/ out lace and cute colors or patterns.

  129. A cute pair of boxers!

  130. I would also like to see them in brighter colors and prints.

  131. Id like something in plaid…

  132. Tanya White says:

    I like the lacy brief

  133. Sarah Harding says:

    Mabey tie died panties

  134. says:

    lacy bikini

  135. Jennifer Reed says:

    I would also like to see the invisible seamless boy short for women without lace accents.

  136. Shaunda E. says:

    Maybe some bright colors and animal prints.

  137. Bikini brief.

  138. renee walters says:

    I like the smarties bikinis! Thanks!

  139. Dorothy Hubbard says:

    I am a Brief kindof woman, co anything in the brief line would make me happy.

  140. I would like to see boyshorts without lace

  141. I like the lacy boy short!
    Diana Stanhope recently posted..Ultimate LeapFrog Prize Pack GiveawayMy Profile

  142. jenna tomaszewski says:

    more supportive bras for bigger chested girls

  143. kathy pease says:

    id love to see some cute prints like ladybugs or butterflies

  144. I would love for them to add some reds and other hues for the thongs.

  145. Would love to see neon colors 🙂

  146. I like the lacy briefs, but I wish they had some with thinner lace. I like black lace with solid colors too. Maybe some with contrasting colored lace.

  147. Tracy Allen says:

    I think they need some specific workout panties and/or a low rise hipster cut

  148. the lacy bikini

  149. bright colors and leopard print 😀
    Krystal @ Uh Oh Mom! recently posted..Wordless Wednesday November 7th, 2012My Profile

  150. Trisha McKee says:

    I like the lacy boy shorts.

  151. The line is great; however, bright colors and prints would be a nice addition.

  152. Lorena Keech says:

    Maybe some briefs with a higher cut on the leg? Or they could add some prints?

  153. Richard Hicks says:

    bikini made out of flannel

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  154. I would probably get the lacy panties in lilac size medium.
    Ruth Hill recently posted..Piczzle Photo Puzzle ReviewMy Profile

  155. I would love to see some more tanga styles on the line!

  156. shirley zolenski says:

    I like bikinis so offer more colors

  157. I always wear only cotton panties w/no embellishments. My style of choice is thigh-high briefs.

    Thanks 🙂

  158. They have the styles I am interested in already. Maybe more color choices?

  159. Buddy Garrett says:

    Boy shorts?

  160. courtney hennagir says:

    i was so excited to win this! it’s a bummer it didn’t happen. 🙁