Crowdtap Madagascar 3 Circus Circle’s Most Wanted Party!

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
Madagascar 3:  Europe’s Most Wanted is out in theaters…and in 3D!  What could be more fun than watching a 3D movie full of colorful, circusy excitement?  Having your own Afro Circus Party!!!   I invited some friends and family over, and that’s just what we did.  Okay, so maybe we didn’t actually have giant rainbow wigs, but DreamWorks and Crowdtap were kind enough to provide us with a digital party kit containing all sorts of goodies.  The file o’ fun included decorations, face painting ideas, face masks of the Madagascar characters, activity sheets, a Pin the Tail on Gloria game, and my personal favorite:  a recipe for Marty’s Zebra Cake.  They must have had me in mind when they came up with that one.

We started the event by watching the first Madagascar movie.  Some of the guests had already seen it and some hadn’t, but everyone (kids and adults!) had fun watching it together.

Kids Watching MadagascarKids Watching Madagascar

After having a quick dinner, we broke out the masks and activity sheets.  The kids had fun with those, but I think they would all agree that Pin the Tail on Gloria was the star of the show.  Yes, we had pizza for dinner.

Kids Wearing their Madagascar Face MasksFun with Madagascar Activity SheetsPin the Tail on Gloria

Let’s not forget my favorite part of the day.  Cake!  My zebra cake technique obviously needs a little work, but it was yummy despite its lack of perfect stripes.

Marty's Zebra Cake
The event was a big hit with everyone who attended.  I’m still getting requests for Pin the Tail on Gloria.  Thanks Crowdtap!

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